As we said we only hire the best security officers available in the market for any security role; but when it comes to shopping centre security our professional and experienced management team will conscientious select the specific security officers to be on board who can demonstrate and full fill client expectation; as we understand dealing shopping centre security can be a critical and responsible task.

Selected security officers will be trained and are capable of assessing the shopping centre for security risk as part of their training program before commencing their first shift. First Priority Response managers will install scanned code at the newly contracted premises; all assigned security officers will scan the installed NFC tags or beacons as part of their proof of compliance of job duties while performing site checks. All allocated security officer will be licensed and comes with working with children check (WWC) and first aid certifications. Additionally, it is ensured by the management that our assigned security officers are

  • Well presentable with company or organization preferred Uniform and ID badge.
  • Physically fit and strong enough for their job duties.
  • Highly professional and skilled in providing magnificent customer service.
  • Alert and vigilant at all times.
  • Safeguard premise, staff, customer, and premises.
  • Alerting on high priority or serious issues and follow the instruction of the client.
  • Contently patrol on foot to check and maintain the safety of the premises.
  • Manage Conflict situation
  • Performing lock- up and unlock procedure of the centre.
  • Highly trained to conduct evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. 

Maintain and present security documentation and reports to the client.


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