We understand concierge services play a vital role in residential, commercial buildings, car parks, and represent the face of the company and that’s why we deliver the most dedicated concierge security. Our Security personnel are experienced and have a set of skills to pursue the role.

Our concierge team provides a friendly and high quality of customer service to the visitors, residents, and stakeholders. Additionally, our staff is capable enough to respond and adapt to a particular situation or incident. Our concierge security officer provides value-added services which include but not limited to:

  • Centralized point of contact
  • immaculate personal presentation
  • security access control
  • Restricting unauthorized entry
  • Internal and perimeter patrol of the premises including car park on an hourly manner.
  • Monitor and controlling temperature check of HACV
  • Dealing and resolving any security issue arise.
  • Maintaining contractors/visitors’ detail records in written and digital logs.
  • Checking access pass to be valid.
  • Performing lock up and unlocking of the site at a specific timing.
  • Positive customer service experience to all authorized persons.
  • Always visible and vigilant to deter anti-social behaviour.
  • Take care of Facility management on daily basis.
  • Reporting premises irregularity at the end of the shift.
  • Monitoring CCTV and taking effective action in the interest of the client’s assets and stakeholders in line with the premise’s health and safety issue.
  • Follow the site safety procedure in an emergency and Coordinate with emergency services.
  • Daily Reporting procedure of security activity to the client.

All mention services will be tailored accordingly to client requirements, our security personnel is equipped with body cameras and a GPS tracking app which gives our client performance guarantee and service transparency.

Also, Our 24/7 Response centre is always on hand for our security service personnel when they required any assistance, furthermore, our night and day supervisor will perform random visits on regular basis to ensure our high standards are maintained.


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